What is StarApplication monetization solution?
StarApplication  offer a unique and exclusive monetization solution, adding our SDK to your android app you can simply add a revenue search icon on mobile.
For which OS this is working?
Right now this is available for Android only, in the future we will add and support more mobile OS.
When do you pay and how?
We will pay on net 30 for each amount you generate, we offer wire and paypal solution.
How much do you pay?
We offer a great added value and in addition of your ads partner you will get 0.05$ for USA user and 0.01$  for non Usa user.
If I work with other in apps ad, can I work with you as well?
Yes of course, StarApplication system allow you to add a revenue for your application and you can continue working with your partners.
So what your SDK do on my users?
We will add a search icon on their home screen that lead to our  search page.
In addition we add a browser search home page and a bookmark link.
How my users will know about that?
We will send you some suggested description to be added to your app description , in addition we will show an EULA during the installation process with all details.
Can user delete icon and bookmark?what this do to my application?
Yes sure they can delete the icon and bookmark and your application will continue to work on the user’s phone.
What s the process of integration?
Very very simple, sign up and get the StarApplication SDK, you just need to integrate it on your app and you re ready.